For the Good of Wood (Part 3) : Littledeer Mapleware

Tom Littledeer is an innovator just about any way you look at it. He’s an inventor, designer and environmentalist who – along with his wife Sharron, their family and a handful of devoted employees – make the best damn cooking implements that I’ve ever used. Littledeer fluid-dynamic cooking paddles evolved out of a design process originally directed toward reshaping the essential design

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For the Good of Wood (Part 2) : Recipe Box

Mia’s Christmas gift from her mom this year was a beautiful wooden recipe box. There are a lot of amazing recipes in the family (from both sides) so this little chest should prove to be the perfect place for us to keep the older ones that have been passed down in various forms over the years. The box was handmade by William H. Wilson,

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For the Good of Wood (Part 1) : Toma Objects

Not long ago, Mia and I hopped into Les Touilleurs to replace a few items for the kitchen and to finally commit to a Dualit… more on that to come. As far as retail environments go, I don’t think there are many in Montreal (or anywhere for that matter) that compare to Les Touilleurs : well-considered selections, beautifully staged merchandising and

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Time Enough.

I’m not really a watch guy; I don’t wear one every day, nor do I collect them (despite the fact that I have a collecting problem). I do, however, share Paul’s enthusiasm for the crown and will likely invest in a proper timepiece one day… maybe for my 40th?

My go-to watch for the past couple of years has been my Junghans

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